DECADENT ARIA LONG TASSEL LARIAT, assorted crystals in gold or silver

Stone or Crystal

This gorgeous lariat makes a bold and classic statement. Assorted stones or crystals with delicate glass beads lined in 24k gold or sterling silver, finished with decadent tassels. 40" inches long from end to end, it can be worn multiple ways:

~ Long with the tassels in front or draping down your back

~ Wrapped around for a double stranded staggered length necklace

~ As a double stranded short necklace when doubled and looped through as you would a      scarf ~ with the tassels in front or in back at the nape of your neck. 

Available in hematite or  jet crystals.  (Additional lengths available upon request.)


About our Jewelry

All of our jewelry is designed by Nathalie Sherman. Each piece is handmade, in the United States, by experienced and talented staff who are committed to creating pieces that are made with the greatest attention to detail.


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