About Nathalie Sherman

Born in Marrakesh, Nathalie Sherman moved to the US at the age of six. She grew up in LA, moving to San Diego in 1984, where she met her husband Ken and graduated from UCSD. Working as a paralegal for years, it was not until the 1996 birth of her daughter, Sophia, that Nathalie began compulsively designing jewelry, learning everything she could about manufacturing what she dreamed up. The line, originally eponymous, was renamed “SOPHIA & CHLOE” in 1999, when her daughter Chloe was born, appropriately paying homage to her ultimate inspiration.

Completely self-taught, the designer has turned her passion and talent for design into a thriving business. Her work has evolved from dainty, fashion-oriented collections to bolder, more complex and evocative jewelry designs. Unchanged are Nathalie’s uncompromising quality standards and the decidedly feminine aesthetic she brings to each design. Twenty years later, it is easy to spot her distinctive hand in each SOPHIA & CHLOE piece.
Heavily influenced by her heritage and home. Byzantine, Moroccan motifs are evident in Nathalie’s work, as is the casual easy feel of her beloved coastal San Diego where she lives with her family. Her most recent, symbolic collections, SIGNS OF A GOOD LIFE, LANGUAGE OF BANGLES and OH SO CHARMING all feature symbols discreetly and artfully incorporated into each design, making each one its own totem of good luck and well being. These collections have been extremely well received and have provided endless inspiration for Nathalie.


It is important to us that each and every SOPHIA & CHLOE design is proudly handmade, in the USA, by experienced and talented staff who are committed to creating pieces that are made with the greatest attention to detail. Whenever and wherever possible, we also source our raw materials in the USA.


Quality of service and craftsmanship are of utmost importance to all of us Sophia & Chloe. We feel that jewelry, at any level, should feel special. Each design is created with great care by Nathalie, whose goal is to design the best possible version of each inspired piece. You can expect well balanced, flattering designs with stones that match and that don’t have cracks, and the most luminous pearls & crystals we can find.

SOPHIA & CHLOE designs are a favorite of celebrities and are often featured on numerous television shows and in national print publications. We hope you enjoy our current collections. We look forward to adorning you!

XO, Sophia & Chloe


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