HAMSA NECKLACE ~ gold or silver


A fascinating symbol of Divine protection, theHamsa has been found in ancient Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist teachings. Referred to as the Hand of God, the Hand of Mary, the Hand of the Goddess, The hand of Venus and as a Buddhist mudra of teaching and protection, it is testament to our spiritual common ground. This is what inspired Nathalie Sherman to design ourHamsa forSophia & Chloe

Our Hamsa charm is elegantly adorned with a sparkling blue Swarovski crystal. Hamsa is 3/4" tall and 1/2' wide, and 1/8' thick, triple dipped in 14 k gold or sterling silver over silken bronze, on gold filled or sterling silver chain.


This piece is part of our Hamsa collection. See the collection.

About our Jewelry

All of our jewelry is designed by Nathalie Sherman. Each piece is handmade, in the United States, by experienced and talented staff who are committed to creating pieces that are made with the greatest attention to detail.


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