The Language of Bangles

How it all began...

The women in my Moroccan family have a wonderful tradition of adorning each other with bangle bracelets as a way to mark special occasions in our lives.  On my tenth birthday, I was given my very first bangle by my mother.  To this day, I remember how special I felt every time I looked at that gleaming band of gold on my wrist.

Through the years, I was gifted more beautiful bracelets, some several generations old.  Following our tradition, the women who gave me my bangles did not wrap them as you normally would wrap a gift. Instead, they lovingly slipped them from their wrists to mine. 

I have since given bangles to people that I love, saving the two that belonged to my mother for my daughters Sophia & Chloé. The love and blessings these bangles symbolize inspired me to design our Language of Bangles collection.

Wanting to take it a step further, I created each bangle with symbolic meaning.  Each one has its own distinctive shape, texture and measure of goodwill. Worn together, they are a beautiful way of adorning yourself and those you love with hope and wishes for a good life.

Nathalie Sherman - Designer


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