Meaningful Jewelry...Personal Treaures

by Nathalie Sherman June 21, 2018

Meaningful Jewelry...Personal Treaures

Meaningful jewelry, personal treasures…

Jewelry is so personal. Worn close to the skin, it really is a woman’s own iconic statement.  Even the way it looks, casually laying on your dressing table, is an intimate vignette that tells a story.  As a jewelry designer, my goal is to design unique pieces that will be a part of that story. 

The special occasion jewelry here is a reminder of beautiful times in my life.  Each time I wear those earrings I feel like they carry the energy of each of those moments…I love how that sweetness grows each time they are worn. 

 I have always had a fondness for symbolic jewelry. My Moroccan Kiss earrings are composed of the henna motif for the word “kiss” and are my go to favorites.  These gold turquoise earrings go with everything! My Moroccan bangles shown here were each handed down to me by women in my family.  This tradition inspired my own symbolic bangles to be worn, traded, gifted and cherished.


  When I designed the stepping stone banglehere as part of that collection, my hope was that one day, someone would think of it as a gift for herown sister, friend, daughter, mother or aunt and would want to slip it from her wrist to theirs.

The long blue green chalcedony lariat is something I reach for often.  There is something about that stone that makes me happy.  I wear a lot of black (so practical!) and these luscious stones brighten things up.  I originally used this for a spring collection, but soon realized that any season can use the soft radiance this stone offers. I like to mix and match and wear it with my stepping stone teardrop double hoops, based on stones I collected with my daughters at our favorite beach, Swamis

 What story does your jewelry collection tell? What moments did you celebrate in them, what pieces do you reach for again and again? Which symbols and designs mean the most to you? This is what inspires and what I hope to resonate with as a designer…

If you are looking for a meaningful treasure to add to your own unique story, check out our website here for something special.

 Wishing you much Peace, Love & Happiness


Nathalie Sherman


Nathalie Sherman
Nathalie Sherman

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