Extraordinary Women ~ my inspiration to design meaningful jewelry.

by Nathalie Sherman June 18, 2018

Extraordinary Women ~ my inspiration to design meaningful jewelry.

Symbolism, nature, silhouette, beautiful stones, love & life… all inspire me to design jewelry. Above all of those, it is the woman I am designing for that sparks my creativity. Will a piece of symbolic jewelry resonate with her? Will the jewelry be meaningful to her? Each woman is one of a kind, will the jewelry be unique enough to honor her? Would it be a proudly offered gift for her loved ones? The baubles are nice, but it is the woman that matters, and I am so lucky to know so many who are extraordinary. With that in mind, last week I began a Sophia & Chloe tradition, featuring the amazing women that have given Sophia & Chloe its sparkle!  

Please check out our first Extraordinary Women blog post to learn about Allison Lower, the creative talent and sweetness behind the Epicurean Diva cookbook, cooking show, and fabulous line of culinary productsEpicurean Diva Allison Lower Extraordinary Woman Like all of the extraordinary women I know, Allison is passionate about her work, her friendships and women supporting one another.  This warm and talented woman started a Keep Calm and Carry On Club that is comprised of a large group of strong, intelligent, creative, and inspiring women from all backgrounds and walks of life.  I was so honored to learn that the women in this inspiring club wear our Keep Calm and Carry On collection to remind themselves that (as women) “we are strong, vibrant, and will always “Keep Calm & Carry On”!” As a designer setting out to create meaningful jewelry, it is women like Allison and her friends that inspire me!  

Keep Calm and carry On Club Extraordinary Woman Allison Lower Epicurean Diva

PS:  There are so many fabulous recipes in Allison's cookbook, Cooking with the Epicurean Diva.  One of my very favorites is her Diva's Flan.  Seriously, best flan recipe ever



Nathalie Sherman
Nathalie Sherman

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