Extraordinary Woman - Allison Lower, Epicurean Diva

by Nathalie Sherman June 09, 2018

Extraordinary Woman - Allison Lower, Epicurean Diva

Symbolism, nature, silhouette, beautiful stones, love & life… all inspire me to design jewelry. Above all of those, it is the woman I am designing for that sparks my creativity. Will a piece of symbolic jewelry resonate with her? Will the jewelry be meaningful to her? Each woman is one of a kind, will the jewelry be unique enough to honor her? Would it be a proudly offered gift for her loved ones? The baubles are nice, but it is the woman that matters, and I am so lucky to know so many who are extraordinary. With that in mind, I am starting a Sophia & Chloe tradition, featuring the amazing women that have given Sophia & Chloe its sparkle!

Today I want to introduce you to the extraordinary Allison Lower, the creative talent and sweetness behind the Epicurean Diva cookbook, cooking show and fabulous line of culinary products. 

 A few months ago I noticed that the same person was placing web orders for our Keep Calm And Carry On designs, again and again. So… I became curious. Who is this Allison Lower? What is the Epicurean Diva? Where are all these necklaces & bracelets going, and…..is she calm??!  I looked her up and soon became a fan of her wonderful recipes and cooking shows, which I highly recommend you check out!

Soon after, she called to place a custom order and I had to ask, what are you doing with all of the Keep Calm & Carry On necklaces?  She went on to explain that she had created her own “Keep Calm & Carry On Club” that is comprised of a large group of strong, intelligent, creative, and inspiring women from all backgrounds and walks of life.  She added that they wear this collection to remind themselves that (as women) “we are strong, vibrant, and will always “Keep Calm & Carry On”!”  

Keep Calm and Carry On necklace and bracelet allison lower epicurean divaKeep Calm and Carry On Necklace by Sophia & Chloe Jewelry

I was so touched that such an obviously warm and generous person had chosen this Sophia & Chloe jewelry design to celebrate friendships that she clearly treasured. As a designer setting out to create meaningful jewelry, this is what inspires me. Long story short, that first call turned into a long conversation that has continued about life, friendship, good food, travel and the spice of life. (If you met Allison, you would want to be her friend too!)

You never know what will lead you to new adventures, careers and friends.  As a young adult, Allison worked as a flight attendant aboard corporate & private jets. The aviation world introduced her to travel and, most importantly, cultures, cuisines, and fine wines. A corporate flight attendant, in essence, provides 5-star dining and the ability to prepare and present everything with efficiency and style at 30,000 feet.  Allison adored this aspect of the position and she was finally in her element! One thing became quite clear, her focus was on food and wine and she became “Epicurean Obsessed” learning as much as she could to gain vast knowledge and experience.  Knowing this about her now, when I watch her wonderful show and see how ultra-organized and relaxed she is, and how amazing her recipes come out tasting, it all makes perfect sense!

An accomplished chef, there are so many recipes to choose from on Allison’s site and in her fabulous cookbook, "Cooking with the Epicurian Diva," (Available on her site and also on Amazon.)

Two of my favorites are her ceviche (you will be asked to make this over and over), and her epic chimichurri sauce - so easy to make and I have become addicted to it! 

Epic chimichurri sauce by epicurean diva allison lower

The Epicurean Diva is constantly creating new delights!  She has a new cookbook, Dining with the Diva, due out this summer.  Allison also shares her fabulous recipes on her Facebook page .   That is how I found this beautiful chilled cucumber avocado soup (soo good!), chilled cucumber avocado soup by epicurean diva allison lower

as well as this amazing flan :

Epicurian Diva - best flan recipe ever

Allison has spent time in the Bordeaux region of Southern France, where she cooked with Jean Pierre Moulle, former Executive Chef of Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, California.  She most recently trained with Chef Laurent Brazier at Laguna Culinary Arts.  

Allison currently lives in the culinary mecca of the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a special pride in broadcasting her show to people who also call it home. You can watch episodes of the show on her YouTube Channel and enjoy her love, passion, and knowledge for life’s Epicurean Delights TM/SM.

In 1939, the British government commissioned the Keep Calm and Carry on posters to reassure people as they were facing war with the Germans. This timeless mantra was saved for future generations when a treasure trove of these posters was found in 2000. Check out this lovely video by Barter Books detailing the history of these posters.

When I think of Allison and the Keep Calm And Carry On club she has created with her circle of friends who support and cheer each other on, I see how beautifully connected to each other and to history we can be.  I hope this symbolic jewelry is meaningful to you and that you are inspired to check out our collection and to start your own Keep Calm and Carry on club.



  Keep Calm and Carry On necklace and bracelet allison lower epicurean diva

Nathalie Sherman
Nathalie Sherman

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